Good news for our collaborating owners

If the summer of 2017 was busy with the activities of the 150th, 2018 was anything but easy. Subsequently, a 2.9% increase in the number of rooms rented was recorded for the same period.

These are more than positive results!

The Quebec city region has recorded an occupancy rate of about 84 %! An enviable position that ranks Quebec city in second place in the list of the most popular Canadian cities, just behind Vancouver! *

For us, this represents an increase of visits to the website of almost 50%, in 2 years! That’s without counting the lodgings booked through sites such as, Airbnb and

In order to maintain these enviable statistics, Les Chalets Alpins regularly implements projects to ensure a good visibility of your condos and cottage, an outstanding customer service and programs that differentiate us from the competition.


We are present in Google Ads

Last year, it’s closely 32,185 $ that was invested in Adwords, which represents 736,550 $ in benefit. For you, owners, this means more than 440 rentals and more than 160 requests for information that have been made through Adwords!


We care about customer service

During the past year, we have made sure to have impeccable customer service. Our team has followed several trainings on various topics such as communication, customer service and human resources.

We have put in place incentives to ensure that satisfied customers come back to us. For example, the Privilege Members loyalty program, which rewards repeat visits to Les Chalets Alpins. The client may have an early arrival and a late check out or enjoy a discount on their 2nd visit. It is with joy that we have found that the loyal customer rate has increased by 4.5% in 2018! Furthermore, we stand out from the competition with our diverse offering of partnerships with organizations in the region with whom we offer discounted services and activities. (The list of our partners can be found here)

We have also put in place a complaints and claims process. A person works there full time to advance positively these files of claims / breakage and lost items. We are also now sending a survey following the stay and we communicate with owners when complaints are founded and true (example: we checked and the sofa bed is unusable before contacting the owner).

The user at the center of our developments

In the last few months, we have been working on developments to improve our points of contact with our customers.

For example, we send a monthly newsletter promoting the activities and services available during the season (Do not hesitate to register to keep yourself informed👇at the bottom of the page). We are more and more present on social medias (See our Facebook page and Instagram) and we find that people and the community surrounding Les Chalets Alpins are committed to it and that they love our posts! We also are striving to increase our visibility on the Web, by advertising on referral sites, by being available on sites such as, Airbnb and and by advertising our offer with Adwords. Our goal: showcase your lodging offer !


We have improved support when a reservation is completed. The customer can also make a reservation online since last winter. And thanks to the optimizations made to the reservation software, we have a better follow-up of the reservations. For example, this means that we send an email to all clients prior to their stay to inform them of the activities and services offered in the area.


It’s pretty in Les Chalets Alpins

You have a decorator service at your disposal, allowing you to revamp your condo or cottage. Several owners have participated in this program and have seen a significant increase in their rental income!

Some exemples :

13 chemin des Skieurs


620-122 chemin du Hibou


Our offices have even been relooked last January, for a warm and professional welcome!


We have also made an improvement to our fleet of vehicles, which now has lettering to our colors and representative of the quality of service and lodging we offer.







Please feel free to share and send us your ideas and comments about this newsletter. We will adjust it accordingly to the subjects that interest you.

Happy Holidays!



*Source : Québec Région, November 5, 2018